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You have large amounts of valuable plastic waste that you need to somehow upcycle, but no idea what to use it for?

We have designers and business who would love to upcycle your waste through meaningful design that gives back.

You have an idea for a product made from upcycled materials, but you need access to materials for production?

We know partners who collect and recycle a wast range of materials and search for people like you!

You want to update your production facilities and find effective ways to "Go Green", but need inspiration?

Think outside the box! - Our partners have created amazing turnovers when it comes to sustainable production.

You need a strategy for how to sustainably dispose of your plastic waste and develop a business model that is sustainable in of itself?

We have the experience and know-how you need, to get off to a good start! Let us know what is holding you back.

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*Last updated: Dec, 2023

Our take on

We want to meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet theirs. This is why our products are 100% reuseable.

We don’t want to compromise on this! Which is why we have devoted our efforts to designing, producing and selling products consisting of primarily upcycled paper, cardboard and pre-use industrial plastic. These are valueble resources, that would otherwise have been desposed either by burning or being buried in landfields.

Our take on this is to use innovtive production methods, that not only upcycle waste, but also involves rethinking our use of energy and manpower to enable us to make the best possible use of all resources.

To us, sustainability is a co-creating process between many front-running partners and a collective responsebility. Sharing is caring, and we continue to build and share our knowladge about upcycling. Our aim is to serve and inspire businesses to inhabit a ”greener attitude”. We invite everyone to join us in the efforts towards a future with better usage of our collective ressources.

Upcycling is a creative reuse method where used materials or products are transformed into new products of higher value or quality than the original item. Unlike recycling, upcycling does not require breaking down or melting the materials. Instead, the existing materials are preserved and modified to create something new and unique. All our products are 100 % Danish design and are produced right here in Denmark.

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