We Strive For a Better Tomorrow

We Strive For a Better Tomorrow

At a UN summit meeting in New York in 2015, the world’s heads of state and government leaders adopted an ambitious development agenda setting a course towards more sustainable development.

The Global Goals consist of 17 specific goals committing all of the 193 UN member states to abolish poverty and hunger in the world completely, reduce inequalities, and to ensure a good education and better health for all, decent jobs and more sustainable economic growth. They also focus on promoting peace, security and strong institutions, and on strengthening international partnerships. We consider the 17 Global Goals as an important tool in maintaining the focus on sustainable development.

At Upcycling Scandinavia, we work determinedly on points 12 and 17, but we also comply with some of the other goals in our day-to-day work to resolve the planet’s climatic and resource problems.

12 – Responsible production and consumption

Each time we deliver a product, we take a little of the mountain of waste, thus helping to remove some of the waste that pollutes our planet. Our products can be reused in their existing form or upcycled into new products. They can be reused, thus rendering it unnecessary to use expensive raw materials to develop completely new products from scratch that can simply be discarded after use. We take responsibility for sustainable production and justifiable consumption.

17 – Partnerships for the Goals

We collaborate with businesses, public institutions and production companies to reduce waste and to create products that can be reused. We also share our knowledge through partnerships, lectures and advice, so that together we can take responsibility and address the climate challenges that we all face.