I'm EcoPixel

Waste made into furniture

100% upcycled plastic

ECOPIXEL is a range of products and furniture that is made from recycled PE-LP thermoplastic waste-material in order to obtain a: 
– Recycled and  Recyclable material
Creating with this goal ensure a true “cycle in material-use”.

ECOPIXEL wants to promote the idea of NEVER mixing different plastic-waste-materials so as to keep the plastics *clean and for reuse also after each product-lifecycle.

ECOPIXEL is a recycled mono-polymer plastic typology, made from 100% shredded waste material. The material is usually made with industrial waste material but is also with collected material from any other field including household-waste. ECOPIXEL collects, separates, chips into pieces and re-transforms into products, what others throw away.

The manufacturing process
– it makes sense

We start with pre-shaped shreds of about 5mm in diameter and do not melt the material until its ultimate liquid state. Therefore the color-pigments don’t mix which gives ECOPIXEL the typical pixelated appearance. On request, and in certain quantities, it is possible to apply different sizes or shapes of pixels, creating this way an even more original appearance.

We work with the catch of the day materials, so to speak, gathered from the waste of others. That means we do not always have the same colors available. From experience, we know that white/black/grey/brown and neutral are very often available but other colors may not.

Maerial Properties


Customized solutions can be created in any size, shape, style, and color. Resulting in a continuous surface, eliminating rims that trap dirt and water, minimizing cleaning and maintenance.

ECOPIXEL is the perfect material for outdoor and bathroom use as it doesn’t absorb. Ecopixel is suitable for both INDOOR and OUTDOOR situations: It resists temperatures from -10°C to +50°C does not fade and does not fear humidity.


With it’s vibrant color possibilities – it can fit almost every environment.

From cradle
to cradle

Cradle to Cradle (C2C) is about seeing garbage as an eternal resource and doing the right thing from the beginning. It is about making community and product development function in the same way as a healthy ecological system where all resources are used effectively, and in a cyclical way (as opposed to the current linear system that can be better described as a Cradle to Grave system).