In Upcycling Scandinavia, we have entered into collaborations and partnerships with leading companies and manufacturers, and we offer a robust product range and a business based on four sustainable business areas.

Upcycled plastic

Upcycling Scandinavia develops and designs products in 100 per cent upcycled plastic for use in private companies and public institutions, and for onward retail sale. All products are 100 per cent reusable.

Using a strong sense for current trends, we collaborate with designers and companies in developing upcycled products that fit the modern home, workplace or public institutions.

We have just brought out the Karoline chair, which is produced from 100 per cent upcycled plastic. The chair is designed to ensure an ergonomically correct sitting position, while the small handle in the backrest makes for easy manoeuvrability.

After use, the chairs can be recycled to produce new chairs, or upcycled to completely new products.


Unwasted are production panels that can be used, for example, for table tops in the furniture and kitchen industry, for partition walls in the construction industry, or anywhere where traditional panels are currently used.

The panels can be used in their raw form, but it is also possible to cover, paint or otherwise design them for all manner of purposes.

Unwasted products are manufactured exclusively from fibres from cardboard, paper and plant fibres and contain no forms of chemical binding agents. The panels are 100 per cent reusable.

Our unique production technology allows us to deliver panels in various sizes and thicknesses as required.


Healthy and responsible insulation.

EverUse are insulating and sound-absorbing mats with very good thermal, acoustic and fireproof properties.

The mats have a stable shape, but at the same time are robust and flexible, making them easy to work with.

EverUse is produced from upcycled cellulose fibres from the paper and cardboard industry and can be used again and again. Whenever a house is being taken down, we buy back the insulation mats, as we prefer to reuse our own materials, which we are sure are completely pure.

EverUse is Cradle to Cradle-certified.

Find out more about EverUse here


Since we decided two years ago to invest our entire experiences and skills in building up a sustainable company, we have ourselves learned a great deal about the circular economy and the UN’s 17 Global Goals for sustainable development.

We share this knowledge with other companies through lectures, courses and advice, thus ensuring that they, too, are able to continue working on one or more of the UN’s 17 Global Goals.

Find out more about the UN’s 17 Global Goals here

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