New life and value for waste

Upcycling Scandinavia develops new methods of reusing paper, cardboard and plastic and has begun to use new technologies and production methods to reduce pollution. To us, waste is a valuable resource, and the UN’s 17 Global Goals for sustainable development are a tool for focusing on sustainability – in the development of our own products and production processes, and in providing advice to other businesses.

Upcycling Scandinavia is a leader in recycling and upcycling, and is among the first in Europe to develop products consisting 100 per cent of recycled materials. Products such as plastic chairs for school and educational use, production panels, sound insulation and other design products can be recycled after use and given a new life.

We define upcycling as adding value to (raw) materials over time and using them again and again. Recycling is when the material is reused in its original form.

”Our products are not just manufactured from waste; we reuse everything we produce for new designs, over and over again.”


Director Minik Helborg.

Born locally with a global outlook

Upcycling Scandinavia was sustainable and global from birth. The entire company is built around a business concept of making a positive mark on the planet. Our roots are deeply embedded in the West Jutland soil, in Skive, where for more than ten years politicians and entrepreneurs have been working to promote the transition to sustainability and are therefore at the leading edge with strategies for the UN’s Global Goals. We are a local company with a global perspective, and a potential for products created in the circular economy. From the outset, our focus has been on the Scandinavian and North European market.

Two experienced business people and enthusiasts at the helm

Upcycling Scandinavia was started by two experienced and perceptive business managers, Minik Helborg and Erik Serritslev Jørgensen. Both owners have a burning desire to use their strong business sense and feeling for design to reduce the enormous mountain of waste that we have left behind on the ground, in the air and in the oceans over many recent years.

Erik Serritslev Jørgensen

+45 4042 5001


Brings many years’ experience as a sales manager, manager and director of industrial, IT and trading companies with him to Upcycling Scandinavia. He has worked as an independent adviser with large and intermediate owner-led companies and entrepreneurs on a diverse range of assignments, from business development and strategies to organisational development. Most recently this was as a director at Dansk Genbyg, and now he is continuing his passion for recycling and sustainability as an owner and director of Upcycling Scandinavia together with his partner.

Minik Helborg

+45 53 60 45 12


Development, sales and branding are some of the skills that Minik brings as an owner and director of Upcycling Scandinavia. For more than 20 years, he has worked in sales and marketing at companies in the fields of IT and office furniture, among others. A large personal and professional network comes into play in the new owner-manager role, but also when he acts as ambassador for DK Sejlsport and Rotary Marselis etc., among others.

Together, the two enthusiasts and business people form a strong team, working determinedly at developing solutions that take a responsible approach and help meet some of our major climate and resource challenges.

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We are based in Aarhus and Skive, Denmark